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Permissive Paths around Richmond Village

Permissive Paths around Richmond Village

Permissive Paths at Richmond Retirement VillageRichmond Village has recently improved the Permissive Path signs in the Retirement Village to clarify the routes and access conditions. These routes are an important part of the Weston/Aston footpath network and integrate the Richmond Village into the wider community. We all need to use the paths considerately and respect the needs of the Richmond Villages residents, particularly now Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.There are a number of areas where more care is needed:• Dog owners should keep their dogs on a lead at all times, to avoid posing a falls risk to the less mobile residents of the village.• Dog owners should always pick up and safely dispose of any dog mess.• Cyclists should always dismount from their bicycles and wheel them through the village, to avoid posing a hazard to vulnerable residents.• Visitors should respect the privacy of residents and not stray into the "Private" areas of the village, unless specifically visiting a resident.It is important to respect these rules to protect the vulnerable residents living in the community, many of whom lack mobility, balance and general special awareness and are put at risk of falls and injury through the actions of inconsiderate visitors.With the easing of Covid-19 restrictions, it's more important than ever that we act in a considerate way, as some Richmond residents are very vulnerable to the Covid-19 infection.

Posted: Wed, 21 Jul 2021 12:19 by Fiona Keppel-Spoor

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