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Willington Windmill

On the 9th January 1710, Sir John Every, baronet of Egginton Hall, conveyed to Thomas Carter, of Derby:-
'a piece of enclosed ground on Egginton Heath, of some four acres also the wind mill thereon'
Burdett's map of 1767 depicts 'Windmill House', close to what is now the A38 and somewhere on what was the frontage to Burnaston Aerodrome, whilst Greenwoods map of 1825 has 'The Round House ' marked in the same location. The exact position is not however clear. The Enclosure award of 1768 for Willington refers to a field in that area called 'Tween Mill Gate', perhaps confirming the one time presence of a mill close by.
It is probable that such a mill was in fact a wooden structure, known as a post mill and may well have dated back to Elizabethan times. The round house is the name given to a brick enclosure round the base of such mills.

Note This site certainly predates Findern tower Windmill.